GSO Lunar Station One

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


The GSO Habitat Department is making plans for GSO Lunar Station One.  As part of the GSO vision “To the Moon and Beyond,” comes the prospect of having a GSO lunar station design concept.  What the future GSO station will look like is currently unknown.  What we do know so far is that we are looking into a variety of technologies for use in our construction, such as inflatables or 3D printing.  Locations are also a determination.  We are looking heavily into lunar lava tubes or near craters where there could be water ice.  The GSO plans to expand our station once we are there into a fully operational and permanently manned presence.  Our beginning station will protect 10 crewmen in the beginning, but with expansion we plan to bring many hundreds to the lunar surface in the next few decades.

Let us know what you would like to see in the first GSO lunar station one.  It will be through your ideas, our members what our station will look like, how it is built and where it will be.  These ideas will progress over the next 7 years and culminate in a lunar station that will be inhabited by 2020.


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